Saturday, February 12, 2011

AT&T, iPhone, and Verizon

I used to use a Windows smartphone. It did everything I wanted, from spreadsheet creation, cell formulas, Word docs, Internet, texting, and had great service.
Problem was it was analog and analog services were being turned off nationwide. I was forced to switch. Add to that, Cingular got bought by AT&T.
AT&T has always been good at marketing. Grab that customer. The problem was as soon as they have you under contract, they don't give a rats ass about you. They started turning off the digital network for my 1st-gen iPhone.
That's another story... I shopped a LOT! I saw so many posts claiming the iPhone was the "perfect phone". I couldn't do spreadsheets, I never could use the 8GB drive space. "Oh, just jailbreak it." Get real. I don't have time to dink with my phone all the time. Apple fanboys are the most disconnected-from-practical-reality of any creatures on earth. Take reviews with a grain of salt.
Add to the list, AT&T had a monopoly on the iPhone. They could treat you like a floormat, and then say, "Upgrade your phone! Just sign here to renew your contract for another three years."
How's that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice...
So I refused to upgrade, sign, jailbreak, etc. Instead, I've eagerly anticipated the new Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, it's no better than an iPhone! (I'm not a Windows fanboy, either.) At least it'll do my Office apps, but it's locked-down and restrictive just like an iPhone. Can't carriers just give us what we want without [explitive omitted] with us? WP7 was supposed to be out in September. Then by Thanksgiving. Then before year-end. Then the copy&paste update was supposed to follow early January. Then late Jan. Then Feb. Now March...
This whole time, I'm limping by with my crappy iPhone, cuz why replace my current crap with new crap? If I can't get what I want, why bother changing?
Now I'm noticing, since Verizon now offers the iPhone, and Verizon got SWAMPED with buyers (not AT&T), I've noticed that the dead-spots here in Denver are getting service again! AT&T is now caring about customers! See what a little competition does? Exclusive phone offerings should be illegal. Corporate monopolies are illegal. Product monopolies should also be illegal.

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