Saturday, April 17, 2010


I guess WindowsITPro Mag is going to publish one of my letters. I don't like paper, so I probably won't see it. Apparently it had something to do with my last blog post. They like when someone reads one of their guru's posts and then takes the ball and runs with it. That's the whole point of what they're trying to do.

These days, it seems that the general population of techs rely solely on "tools". Not many know how to write any code at all - not even batch. Much of it is laziness, but also there's Wally Syndrome. Fact is, most corporations are so political, the more you do the more likely you are to get in trouble. Most would rather keep their heads down and mouths shut, and coast along doing the minimum - just like Wally in the Dilbert cartoon. Sometimes I completely understand, because sometimes people are punished for doing a good job. That's the way corporate politics often work, all over the world.
I'm just driven, though. I don't think of my one job as being the end-all. Jobs are just opportunities. If we try to excel, we become better each day and more employable. So if it didn't work out at one place, for whatever reason, and you are diligent at becoming a better person, your viability is assured. I'm not saying life will be guaranteed as easy. Life is dynamic and you have to be dynamic in order to survive. Your skills and mindset need to be dynamic.